The dosing system URCA BENCH APPLICATION system make the difference for the biggest versatility and accuracy on dosing phase by using weight loss technology for batch dosing.

Weight loss technology that allow to manage the dosing device on the various job phase, like initial, roughing and finish, subtracting the product quantity already delivered from the total weight of the complete system. By this technology, we can guarantee at every discharge phase the real product quantity delivered by the dosing system on the end-user system.

This system has many advantages compared to a volumetric system, where a weight check system are requested on the end line, or dosing system with external weight head where there is the possibility of product sedimentation that can generated some mistake on the real product quantity delivered on the end-user system.

The dosing system device can be screw type or vibration channel type according to the product and dosing specific detail needed.

URCA BENCH APPLICATION system can be used with automatic packing system and with semi-automatic packaging system where the bin (bag, jar, box, etc….) can be simply place under the dosing system discharge point.

The simplified design and utilization guarantee a quickly management and cleaning operation of the complete system avoid product contamination in the case of frequent product it self change or frequent cleaning action needed.

Dosing system can be updated in a second time with a pneumatic conveyor system for the automatic product fill in on the dosing system storage hopper.

Complete made by AISI 304 material, are particular suggested for the alimentary market where the product hygiene need to be guarantee every time.


Product: dusty , granular, solid
Accuracy: : ± 3%
Velocity: max 30 pieces /min
Flow – rate: 180 to 250 Kg/h
According to the product specific gravity

Last modified on Monday, 23 May 2016 14:07
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