The SMESAMA cheese wheel cutter is used to recover discs starting from cheese shapes with crust. Before the cutting phase, the machine, if equipped with the perforator (optional), cuts the central core of the shape, operation that may be excluded depending on the production requirements. The machine structure is made of stainless steelAisi 304 with perimeter protection mesh.

The operator supports the shape of an idle roller conveyor placed just outside the machine, and then pushes it on the turntable. At this point, the machine starts and first carries out the centring of the shape, and then the perforation of the central part of the shape, if equipped with the optional perforator, which subsequently is discharged into a hopper. After having removed the core, the division of the shape into discs starts, which takes place according to the selected program, which can be of predetermined number of discs, set thickness or ... INNOVATE!!! half division. The machine, after having measured the height of the shape, is positioned to the cutting height, and, after having put the shape in rotation, it cuts the crust around the entire perimeter, and subsequently the cutting wire performs the cutting of the disc. At the end of the cutting operation with the wire, the machine stops to allow the operator to remove the cut disc and restarts as soon as it gives the start command to cut the next disc. The machine can also be used to remove only the upper and lower plates of the shape.

Control implemented in the control panel of the cheese wheel cutter, equipped with 1 perforator (diameter to be defined) and collection hopper of the central part of the shape removed.

Perforating tool
Tool for perforator, diameter to be defined

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