External Scraper - SCROSTATE'

The machine is used to remove the crust from the cheese disc in line. The structure of the machine is in Aisi 304 stainless steel with perimeter protection in the Tech network.

Description of the cycle The suitably discarded disc arrives on the tape positioning itself, through a gate, in the pre-alignment station of the product. Upon receipt of the consent, the gate opens and the product is positioned in the measuring and cutting station. In this station, as a first step, the cutting head, by means of an appropriate system, it is lowered with maximum opening of the blades up to the edge of the carpet and then tightened until you feel the product; in this way the real measurement of the disk is detected. In the second stage, the cutting station is lifted and a sucker press begins  to make the disc rotate and the cutting head in synchrony, remove the crust according to the perimeter to the previously set offset.

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