The URCA linear in-weighing system is the ideal solution for the feeding of a wide range of products with accuracy of less than 2% of the weighed value.

The use of vibrating channel or screw to feed the weighing system allows the processing of products with different size, specific weight, sliding and fragility, making URCA a flexible system for applications involving sugar, ice cream mixes, legumes, rice, coffee beans or ground coffee, dry fruit, deep-frozen products and vegetables ready-to-eat dishes, rice, spices, candy, cookies, etc.

The machine has a transport speed of about 300 kg/h and, depending on the product, loading with vibrating channel or screw feeder is selected and sized accordingly, in order to ensure the best performance of the URCA feeding station.
The container to be filled (bag, jar, box, etc.) can be positioned by the operator on a height-adjustable surface or on a belt that travels under the discharge cylinder of the weighed head, thus obtaining a semi-automatic or automatic system.
Its easy use, cleaning and sanitizing ensure real time savings during the production phase, and also prevents product pollution during production changes.

URCA is a modular system that allows the future implementation of a vacuum conveyor belt to feed the product, in order to obtain a airtight system from the loading point to the filling point, eliminating possible accidental causes of product pollution during the production phases. Made completely in stainless steel AISI304, it is recommended for the foodstuff sector and in al situation requiring guaranteed hygiene of the product in contact with the machine parts.

Since it is a modular system, URCA can be studied and modified depending on the customer's needs, for a feeding system that meets the specific needs of the installation.

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