The system DOSAFI consists of a MVF/EVF vacuum conveyor and a MICRODOS weight feeder, respectively for the suction and loss-in-weight feeding of the product.

The vacuum conveyor ad feeder are assembled on two separate frames made of AISI 304 or varnished iron, that allow product to be unloaded from the MVF/EVF into the hopper of the MICRODOS feeder, thus isolating the two pieces of equipment so that the weight of the conveyor is no detected by the feeder dosing cells and also eliminating any transmission of vibrations caused by the product suction phase.

The system is used for continuous feeding of the SAP with specific weight of 0.5 – 0.8 kg/dm3, granulometry of 10 – 5000 mm and feeding rate of up to 600 kg/h. From the big bag station, the product is sucked by the MVF/EVF through a vacuum pump and unloaded into the feeder hopper until a pre-set weight is reached; during the feeding, when the weight of the product in the hopper falls below the minimum requested level, the feeder requests another product by controlling the opening of the MVF/EVF unloading valve; once product unloading is finished, the MVF/EVF carries out a new product suction cycle, awaiting the next unloading request from the feeder. These operations are carried out with no interruptions in the feeding, always ensuring continuous weight feeding.


  • continuous feeding phase: ± 1% of the measured value
  • product unloading phase MVF ► MICRODOS and shift from weight feeding to volume feeding: ± 3% of the measured value
  • main functional characteristics of the system
  • programming of process data through a guided, easy-to understand menu
  • setting of operator data for the following values only:
    • product suction and unloading time and filter cleaning for the MVF/EVF
    • weight in grams to be fed SAP/diaper unit
  • modification of the programming of set data even while the system is working
    with no interference in product feeding
  • storage of process values measured during the last 30 work days, to obtain a
    functional analysis of the system
  • instantaneous display of the fed product quantity for each diaper in grams
    and in percentage, referred to the instantaneous measured rate
  • “MVF/EVF filter pre-alarm” signal to warn the operator to clean or replace the
    filter, always ensuring proper yield of the pneumatic conveyor
  • Remote Data Display
    The innovative VDR system allows to instantly check the process values, to record data in remote for an in-depth yield analysis of the production line, the real-time adjustment of the programmed values aimed at correcting and improving production (fewer errors, scrap reduction, etc.), automatic firmware update.
  • VDR Mode
    The system allows the user to display the operating screen of the local touchscreen on a company terminal through the company's internal network.

Functions such as firmware update, remote assistance and adjustment of operating parameters are only possible with the operators' consent and are protected by a hardware key.

Without the customer's consent and without the hardware key, none of the functions described above can be carried out, thus making the system “INACCESSIBLE.

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